"Will Ingrid Michaelson get a record deal? How much will Pirates of the Caribbean gain in its opening weekend? Will Candara’s Gift get a book deal? Media Predict is the online game where you can place your bets on the future performance of media. Why do that? Well, for one it’s fun. The bigger reason? Markets will help media companies give people what they really want."

Is I read "The Wisdom of Crowds" I got interested in websites that try to predict the future with a stock exchange mechanism where "crowds" give their opinion by buying "yes" or "no" shares.

It didn't work out for a previous edition of elections in Belgium (De Stemmenkampioen), and I'm a bit skeptical about Media Predict too. How on earth can a crowd of ordinary people have a valuable idea on whether someone will get a record deal or not? They may have a feeling someone SHOULD get a deal, but there are so many elements influencing such a decision that have nothing to do the quality of the music or popularity of a singer.

Good idea, wrong type of questions.