I recently joined the blog advertising network Adhese/Enchanté and today the first add is appearing (look to the right). It will not make me rich, and if the quality of the adds is good it may even add something to my blog. To me it's mostly a hands-on experience with advertising on blogs.

When I heard about my first add I was happy to hear it was for Eurostar. I have worked for Eurostar for several years when I was at Agency.com and I really have good memories from this client. In fact it was my first big online advertising customer and we won several prizes together. The initiative that's advertised: placetobiz.eu is one of the last things I worked on for them, although the credit must go mostly to Xavier, my successor on the Eurostar account. It's a collaborative platform for business travelers, so advertising on business blogs is the right choice here.

As for traveling to London, Eurostar is indeed a great way to travel to the center of the British capital. The ideal combination price/quality is to go in "Standard" and return "Business Select". That way you have some flexibility when coming back, you can access the brilliant lounge (Starck design) and have a nice meal in all comfort while diving under the channel. However, it's a combination travel agencies never offer, so you have to book your self (online).
In case you need to be outside London or for connecting flights, BMI is the best alternative. Their service is said to be legendary, something I have not had the pleasure to enjoy yet. But that is about to change, on Saturday I'm starting my trip to MIX07 in Las Vegas with a BMI flight to London. More about MIX07 later this week.