Acting upon Pascal's tip, I'm now publishing straight to and still hosting (for free) with Google. However, not without a fair amount of trouble. My favorite sysadmin Paul was there to help, but it still took some digging in help files and forums (long live consumer generated help) to get everything working perfectly.

So if you fancy using your own domain for a blogger-blog without forwarding in a frame, give it a try, it works. But keep in mind this little quote from the blogger help forum:
"In general, Blogger custom domains is a "power user" feature that requires some understanding of DNS that not all bloggers have. We are planning to add more wizards and automation to make the process of setting up custom domains easier and less painful and more accessible for the less technical user."

My next challenge is to migrate my gmail account to Google apps. There my question is: When migrating from gmail to google apps mail (which is basically the same), will I keep the labels I've been using?