I'm the type of person who wants to test stuff hands on before formulating an opinion. So I got myself a Twitter account a few weeks ago. Some of you may have noticed the twitter-widget to the right here. Not anymore, I threw it out.

I hardly get to posting stuff on this blog, and take pride in making it interesting (a bit at least). So why on earth would I post what I'm doing every hour on Twitter. People who need to know can check my Googel Calendar. Maybe it's such a hit in the US because they do not have a developed SMS culture as we do in Europe ... who knows.
On the other hand, we did have some creative ideas around the office. One of our interns still has a secret mission to launch Twitter Porn.

A last attempt to discover the virtues may be to introduce my 11 year old daughter to Twitter to see what a native Pagen does with it. But then again, this may classify as child abuse :)