Let's kick this Friday of with a charming story of people helping each other (at the risk of sounding cheesy).

As you can read in previous post, Ecto was not really doing the job for me, it simply didn't work. I was in a hotel room in Amsterdam when installing Ecto, with not too much time, so I quickly gave up.

Yesterday evening during the IAB Net Café I was blogging 'live' and when I quickly checked my blog for comments, there was a response from Ine saying Ecto is perfect for her. And surprise surprise, Ine happened to be sitting a few places down the row in that same room. So I pass along my MacBook to her. She franticly starts messing around with my Ecto configuration (for as far as I could see, she had the same problems I did) and 10 minutes later I get my laptop back ... with Ecto running perfectly.

What do you think of that as a story of people helping each other online and in real life? Thanks a lot Ine!

By the way ... this is the first time I hand of my laptop to a woman to have something fixed and it felt kind of weird (ok, call me a male chauvinist pig). So getting it back with everything running was even a more positive experience.

I guess I'll have to get finally get a Flickr account to manage pictures conveniently, because the 'insert from iPhoto still doesn't do it for me. So here's a manually inserted pic from Ine (left) helping out some other people: