No ski holiday this year, in stead we decided to spend a weekend in London with the family. Michèle (our doughter) absolutely wanted to see the British Museum. The three of us had a great time!

We booked the full trip via Eurostar. The offer great deals on hotels too, and what we saved there I spent on "Leisure Select" tickets, that's business class for leisure travelers. It's really worth it, the train is extremely comfortable and you get good food.

The hotel was situated right next to the British Museum which is another "up and coming" part of London. Great restaurants around the corner (Charlotte street) and ten minutes walking from the West End, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, etc.
This weekend was Chinese New Year so we enjoyed some of that (see picture), and we visited some classics (The Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, Tate Modern, ...).

The PSP thingie called "Passport to London" on the other hand was a disappointment. It's a PSP multimedia guide to London, nicely executed but the content has little more then any cheap paper guide. Nothing is interactive, there's nothing that connects to the internet and the content is kept incredibly general (read useless) so it won't go out of date too fast. Just one example, there are pictures of 20 hotels ... just pictures of the front, nothing more.
Tip, don't buy it!

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