I spend the day on another conference, this time IAB invited for a day of mobile marketing. There quite a crowd, and many of them were not the 'usual bunch'. It was not a day full of discoveries, but as I haven't been following the mobile scene lately it was good to catch up (and learn I didn't mis a lot).

Here's the load-down:

• Martha Rogers : Ahead of the curve
Aunt Martha had adapted here 80'ies slides (horrible design too) about 1-to-1 marketing a bit and added some numbers about mobile to make it look customized. Nother new, nothing interresting really. Too bad for a big-name-keynote speaker.

• Stéphanie Hajjar : Gallery for mobile marketing
Gallery is a mobile porta in France which seems to work well. We don't have anything like that yet in Belgium, but the three operators are working on it. That could mean the start of real 'traditional' mobile advertising (you know, banners & stuff).

• Chatherine Le Drogo : From SMS to mobile tv
Interresting case on mobile TV in France again. I think it's up to the operators in Belgium to come up with a good commercial offering before people start using mobile TV. And subsidising new devices would help too, but that's not allowed in Belgium.

• Jessica Sandin : Ad-funded mobile entertainment
An overview of very traditional display advertising on a new medium: mobile.

• Fons Van Dyck, Gert Pauwels: Wireless works
Some numbers, some examples.

• Tim Duhamel : Belgian mobile mapping
The real numbers! Tim presented the first BMM results (Belgian Mobile Mapping). Interresting, but bad timing ... all these numbers and graphs straight after lunch.

• The rest of the afternoon ... Yawn, except for Nokia ...

• Kim Verhaeghen : case story Nokia Multimedia Benelux
Kim showed some cool online creative work, congrats to their agency These Days.