Thursday night was a heavy party night. Reason were the Cuckoo awards, which are the annual Belgian awards for best direct marketing campaigns. Although I still think interactive marketing is as different from direct marketing as it is different from advertising, I'l still thrilled that we got onto the podium 3 times last thursday:

1. Innovation
With "The London Tapes Podcast" for Eurostar we got the innovation award. Being a podcast enthousiast and first-class geek this is obviously the one I'm most proud of. We were the first agency to use podcasting as a marketing tool, so I think that deserves an award. Be sure to keep an eye on the podcast feed, a new (improved) series is coming soon. More content, more interaction and also available in French now!

2. B2B (again for Eurostar)
Anybody who ever thought B2B marketing is boring by definition, surf to or (for English, click here). We really got to involve travel managers into our story, and it's amazing how many reactions we got. Enjoy the 'flashy' book, the idea is based on the typical 'stop smoking' books.

3. Integration
Actually all three campaigns are joint efforts of TBWA, Tequila and in Brussels. So the credit goes to all three of us. The integration award has a smaller online component (microsite, display advertising & paid search) but the off line guys really went all the way to convince people travelling by public transportation to work to get a new (cheap) insurance. (,