It took me a few weeks to decide, but finally couldn't resist. I bought myself a digirecorder (so I'm stuck with a 8 month-old digibox now). Not just an ordinary box with a hard drive, but an integrated set-top box that mixes digital TV and all it's advantages with the possibilities of hard-disc recording. It's our own little TIVO here in Belgium (well ... almost).

After only a few hours in the house the whole family is completely addicted! I thought I knew all about time-shifting, but you only really understand it when you start using it. Already our TV-watching habits have changed.

And what's so special about Digital TV in Belgium? Well, we have a broadband return channel. So the only real limiting factor compared to full internet is the resolution of at TV screen. Can you imagine the possibilities? Think of it as internet with DVD-quality video.
It gets even better, we have TWO providers of Digital TV here (Belgacom and Telenet). Why I chose Telenet? Well, they are definitively a year ahead (and we do their advertising :-) ).