Another article in "De Morgen" (Belgium's leading newspaper when it comes to tracing new media) where I had my say. With two operators (Telenet & Belgacom) launching an iDTV platform in Belgium we are literally swamped with events and congresses on the subject.

The guys at "De Morgen" have a good view on things, but I guess they have to keep the level of their articles at a level so that people who are not IN the subject all the time also understand what's going on.

If you ask me, by being so focussed on the iDTV platforms in Belgium, we tend to lose sight of the REAL revolution once again brought by Apple. Not so much the iPod video (I have my doubts about the device, prefer my PSP for watching video on the go), but the TV shows in the music store are great. $1,99 to watch an episode of Lost? MAN, this is going to fly! Hook up a new MacG5 with remote controll, lean back and enjoy.

Understand Dutch? Read the article:
TV a la carte