There seem to be a number of online communication specialists who consider it a pitty pop-ups are about to die ...

HELL NO, we need to get rid of this crap ASAP!

In a recent post-test of a campaign we saw that the same campaign scored great in radio, but generated a lot of negative response online. Not because it was a bad campaign, but because there seems to have grown a fundamental disliking against online advertising. The online campaign had wonderfull clickthrough results, but when interviewing a test group they didn't like it because yellow background of the banners was contrasting too much with the blue of the site background. It's not a matter of taste, just that a banne is born with a negative aura thanks to the inventors of the pop-up :-(

It's even worse, even advertisers are using this as a reason not to enter in interactive marketing:

In a presentation by an advertisers association on online marketing I read the following:
"BUT Consumers find pop-up, banner, spam, unsollicited communication very irritant."
... as if radio spots or TV commercials are not unsollicited ...

Had to get this of my chest :-)

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